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Nvidia approach other foundries for 28nm production

TSMC are having problems delivering enough chips on the 28nm process and this means that Nvidia and a few other companies are having to use other sources to maintain production. We checked with sources last night in Taipei and we were told that Nvidia are working with Samsung on their 28nm process technology. Nvidia have been working exclusively with TSMC to this point.

Digitimes also add “Also acknowledging the tightness of TSMC’s 28nm manufacturing capacity, Qualcomm has approached United Microelectronics (UMC) and Globalfoundries for additional capacity, the sources observed.”

28nm wafer

According to reports, TSMC are having yield problems with the 28nm process which is causing them problems in meeting production numbers. Digitimes have additional information claiming “There is also speculation that the foundry had been trying to control the availability of its 28nm capacity as insufficient yield rates would affect its gross margin performance.”

Kitguru says: TSMC have had to try and meet rising demand, with reports showing a five time growth in Q1 of 2012 when compared to Q4 2011. The foundry has had to accelerate their capacity expansion schedule.

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