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Playstation 3 may go on sale in China

For a Westerner it may seem bizarre, but unless you get hold of a grey market import, Consoles are banned from sale in China, since 2000. Sony however may be about to make a landmark move.

A report on TechInAsia has highlighted that Sony have received approval for the China Compulsory Certificate. This certificate won't guarantee the ability to sell in China, but it does ensure that Sony are one step nearer. The certificate was granted in July and is valid until 2016.

TechInAsia say “The safety certificate was spotted by a Playstation fan on the social network Sina Weibo. The veracity of the document can be checked on the official China Quality Ceritification site at CQC.com.cn.”

China may be changing their strict tolerance on the laws of games consoles because Nintendo are also aiming to sell their 3DS XL in the country at the end of the year.

Kitguru says: It sounds crazy to many Westerners, but the laws in China can be very strict.

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