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Rumour: Samsung in line to purchase HP PC Division

A while ago Kitguru predicted that Samsung were one of three companies interested in taking over the Hewlett Packard PC division. According to reports from Digitimes it looks as if Samsung might be the key player who are interested.

They source ‘upstream vendors’ in the PC component industry as the sources of the information. Apparently discussions have been happening behind closed doors.

Samsung produce around 10 million laptops every year via their manufacturing plants in China, but this would increase to 50 million or more if they purchase the HP PC division.

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Digitimes reported “The sources pointed that the Taiwan’s notebook OEM industry’s production efficiency and cost control is currently unmatched worldwide, Therefore, if Samsung takes over HP’s PC department, HP’s over 40 million PC shipment volume will still need to depend on Taiwan OEMs. However, related suppliers of components such as panel, memory and battery may be affected as Samsung has a rather strong vertical integration supply chain.”

Quanta Computer said that if Samsung take over the HP production then they will have a problem fulfilling the new orders and will need a partner to aid with the new demand.

Kitguru says: Samsung to take over? More as we have it.

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