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Samsung may stop selling desktop PCs

Several reports have hit in the last 24 hours to state that Samsung may pull out of the desktop PC sector. We made some calls last night and spoke to a source close to the company in Taipei. He confirmed that Samsung are indeed contemplating a shift in policy.

Dropping demand has forced the electronics giant to reevaluate their strategy. The Korea Times also said they spoke to a Samsung official who said the company are reallocating their resources into ‘popular connected and portable devices'.

It does seem strange, especially as Samsung have just launched a new PC last week – the Ativ One 5 Style. No pricing or release date for the desktop system yet, but it could be their last desktop computer.

Samsung have had reasonable success in desktop PC sales, although they are not in the top five and never have been.

Samsung will continue to focus on their Galaxy smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and hybrids.

Some people might claim that the death of the desktop PC is coming, but Samsung were never a major force in the desktop sector so it would appear they have decided to move their resources elsewhere.

Kitguru says: The market could certainly be in a more healthy state of affairs but the major players are showing no signs of bailing right now.

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