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Sharp announce partnership with Foxconn

Sharp have announced an alliance with Foxconn today. Four Foxconn subsidiaries will obtain 9.88% stake in the company and become the largest shareholder of Sharp. Foxconn also get shares in Sharp Display Products, which was a joint venture between Sharp and Sony to produce large size panels and modules.

Sharp has said that Foxconn will get panels from the 10G plant in Sakai in Japan. This will ensure that the 10G plant operates around the block at a high level.

Industry analysts suggest that this strategic alliance is to help Apple. Both Foxconn and Sharp produce components for Apple and this pairing up may be aimed at landing the Apple TV contract. Industry insiders have said that Sharp technology may be used to produce Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) panels for Apple TVs.

Kitguru says: Sharp have been replacing CMI as the panel supplier for Apple iPads which would have strengthened the deal with Foxconn.

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