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Kinect for Windows 1.5 features 10 joint skeletal tracking

Microsoft have had great success so far with the Kinetic accessory which was originally planned just for the Xbox 360. PC owners can expect a sizeable update when Version 1.5 hits the Windows platform.

Microsoft’s Craig Eisler posted in his blog this week, offering a peak at the upcoming additions to the SDK for developers. Kinect for Windows will launch in 19 extra countries in the next couple of months to allow developers to take advantage of the new SDK.

Kinect for Windows 1.5 SDK is due in late May and with the new code will be ‘Kinect Studio’, a new application that will allow developers to playback, record and debug clips of users interacting with applications. Microsoft also want to focus on a new ‘seated’ 10 point skeletal tracking system which will allow developers to track the neck, head and arms of seated and standing users in both near mode and default mode.

Kitguru says: The uses for Kinect continue to grow!

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