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Sony 3D Gaming gets an outing at Tokyo Game Show

Sony’ exhibit at the Toyko Game Show was focusing heavily on 3D as well as their motion sensor controller, called the Playstation Move.

“Me & My Pet” using Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controller on a 3-D-supported PlayStation 3 console

Sony’s booth was crowded, with gamers eager to try Killzone 3 and Gran Tourismo 5 in full 3D. A few people commented that while the 3D aspect was great that they didn’t really want to reinvest in a new television as they had recently bought new HD models. Many analysts also feel that 3D televisions are still some way off even approaching a mainstream audience and Sony may be throwing money into something that people aren’t willing to pay for …. just yet anyway.

The point was verified by the chief executive of video game developer Heavy Iron Studio – Lyle Hall. “3D will not be a meaningful experience for three to five years”, he said. Mr Hall believes that the Nintendo 3DS will be at the forefront of 3D gaming as it doesnt require any glasses.

Sony are quick to point out that 3D games can still be played as a normal 2D tutle on any television and they hope that by raising the profile of 3D gaming that it will encourage more people to buy the new televisions.

Gamers at the event were impressed but a few issued their concerns that the 3D experience was ‘slightly uncomfortable’.

KitGuru says: Are you excited about the future of 3D gaming or does it not interest you at all ?

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