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TSMC sales not to be affected by earthquake

TMSC chairman Morris Chang said that TSMC sales will not be affected by the recent Japan disaster, saying that the company is expecting 20% sales growth in 2011.

Chang's company is currently the worlds No.1 pure silicon foundry and said that the implications of the earthquake are ‘under control' and global semiconductor growth will return as soon as supplies of raw wafer materials come back to normal levels. The market will probably experience a short term dip as groups scramble to recover.

Chang said that he estimated Japan would take three months to recover from the disaster posing a revision shadow to global semiconductor, electronics and information technology industries in the short term.

Chang also added that the company has still got inventory and have taken steps by acquiring second and even third supply sources. TSMC have at least four suppliers of raw wafer materials with second sources in US, Europe and Taiwan. He isn't sure however if the supply disruptions will affect their 2012 expansion plans, but said that the company is still planning 20% sales growth in 2011.

KitGuru says: business as usual for TSMC.

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