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Sony hiring hackers to plug holes in Playstation 3?

Sony have been in the limelight in recent weeks thanks to their high profile campaign against the hacking audience who have been breaking into the Playstation 3 and compromising their technology. Reports floating around the news wire indicate that they might be looking to hire some hackers to help them patch their configurations.

Sony are currently on a legal rampage. Kitguru has reported on this many times in recent week, and the latest news hit today that they have legal access now to paypal accounts and IP logs to find people abusing their flagship gaming platform. Hacker George Hotz has landed himself neck deep in legal action.

MSNBC reported on a claim that a recruiter for Sony Computer Entertainment America called Sarah McRae has contacted hacker Koushik Dutta for a possible job position within the organisation. Dutta posted a screen capture of the emails, although images are fairly easy to manipulate so no one can verify their truth.

Amazing the images you can find online, apparently this PS3 grill is real.

McRae said that she works for Sony’s euphemistically-named ‘Talent Acquisition Department.’ “We came across your blog,” she said to Dutta, “and thought we’d reach out to you to see if you’d ever be interested in exploring opportunities with us here at SCEA. I am in the process of opening a Software Engineer role within our R&D team and you may be a good fit.”

Dutta’s response to the e-mail airs the views that there wont be snowballs chance in hell of this happening. “I appreciate that you reached out to me,” Dutta replied, “[and] the opportunity does sound very interesting. However, due [to] Sony’s recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz, I could not in good conscience work at Sony.”

The Sony press department has failed to make any statements to the press and emails sent to McRae have apparently received no reply, although some have said that the emails didn’t bounce back, indicating that the person does actually work for Sony on some level.

KitGuru says: Would Sony hire a hacker? Anti Virus firms have been known to hire virus and trojan creators to strengthen their teams before, so it is possible.

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