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AMD’s Zen APU rumoured to launch in 2017 with Polaris GPU

It has been a while since we last heard anything regarding AMD's new Zen architecture. For now the first eight core desktop CPU is on track to launch late this year but there are also murmurs about future Zen APUs, which will launch next some time in 2017 and rumoured to feature Polaris graphics.

We already know that AMD is focusing on its desktop CPU first, there is also a 32-core sever chip apparently in the works. However, for the APU side of things, apparently the first Zen-based APU will come with four Zen cores and Polaris architecture graphics, according to sources speaking with Fudzilla.


The Zen APU will reportedly have four CPU cores, each with 512KB of cache plus 8MB of shared L3 cache. The Zen APU will also apparently come with up to 11 Graphics Core Next (GCN) cores for gaming horsepower. Zen will launch on the AM4 platform and support DDR4 with the APU currently rumoured supporting speeds of up to 3200MHz.

The graphics side of this APU is said to use Polaris 10, similarly to the RX 460. However, it will have less stream processors. Power efficiency will also be kept in check, with TDPs supposedly ranging from 45W to 65W on socket AM4.

KitGuru Says: We have yet to hear anything official regarding AMD Zen-based APUs but we should get more news once the architecture has actually launched. Are any of you looking forward to Zen's launch?

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