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CaseKing and OcUK get into big events in a big way

With Multiplay’s i46 gaming extravaganza about to kick off in the Telford International Centre, loads of sponsors will be vying for the attention of the thousands of hardcore gamers who attend. KitGuru takes a look at one of the sponsors and their ‘large event’ pedigree.

While hands-on gaming stands with the latest, unreleased, triple-A titles were certainly the centre of attention over at GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, few hardware stands managed to attract as many visitors as CaseKing. In a second, we’ll show you just how CaseKing operates and the level of fevered response they manage to induce in crowds. Let’s just say that Overclockers’ parent company are well-schooled in the art of crowd-pleasing.

Data from a big Multiplay survey a couple of years ago, showed clearly that almost half the attendees for any given Insomnia LAN gaming event (of which i46 is the latest) is an Overclockers.co.uk customer. On that basis, it only seems right that the crowd’s favourite should be in attendance to let the other half find out what they might have been missing.

Enough ado about gaming things, let’s roll on with the CaseKing gallery from GamesCom 2012.

CaseKing marketing guru, Vahid, tests the props for his big give-away competition at GamesCom 2012

Once fully up and running, the CaseKing stand had a series of competitions where any of the hundreds of people surrounding the stage had a chance of winning. Lucking contestants, like this 15 year old chap, were crowned on the throne and thoroughly pampered by the CaseKing Ladies-in-Waiting. Hard life.

When not engaged on the mainstage with winners, the CaseKing ladies would make the products on display look a lot more attractive. But does such a simple tactic work?  Judge for yourselves.

In the following pics, we reckon that the CaseKing ladies like one or two of the technologies they are presenting, MORE than others. But which are their favourites?

Are you feeling the girls' love for Akasa?
Is a Bit of Fenix just what the ladies ordered?
Are they stimulate by nVidia's top end?
Does the Gigabyte range stimulate passion?
Are they ready to go IN for the WIN?
Perhaps hands-on for a little KingMod-ding themselves - like the cheeky monkeys in the background?
What about the smooth-silent type from Lian Li?
Quick check on Xigmatek
Does the VTX3D stand render them speechless?
Do the ladies get flushed for pink chassis?

KitGuru says: It’s a toughy, but if we were forced to answer, it does seem that both girls like a little pink. Specifically, the ‘Ladies Phantom’ from NZXT. But what do we know?  If you’re heading to Telford for Multiplay’s i46, then you can check out the Overclockers.co.uk booth babes, Team-GB style, and see if they’re a match for the Germans.

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