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Fractal Design tests Define R5 PC case in the world’s quietest room

Fractal Design is known for its silent PC cases and high-quality cooling systems. While independent tests prove that Fractal Design’s chassis are very good when it comes to dampening noises generated by PC components, they are not conducted in ideal environment. To find out precisely how silent its Define R5 is, Fractal Design decided to test it in the world’s quietest room.

The world’s quietest place was built by Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis back in 2012. The room achieves its ultra-quietness by virtue of 3.3-foot-thick fiberglass acoustic wedges, double walls of insulated steel and foot-thick concrete, reports Daily Mail. In this anechoic chamber, people hear their own heartbeat and may start hallucinating, but the room is perfect for various research and development endeavors.


“It’s used for formal product testing, for research into the sound of different things – heart valves, the sound of the display of a cellphone, the sound of a switch on a car dashboard,” explained the owner of Orfield Laboratories.


Recently, Fractal Design went to the anechoic chamber to do some vigorous testing (in accordance with ISO standards)in a bid to find out how truly quiet the Define R5 is, both straight out of the box and with a complete system built inside the case. The company’s goal was to demonstrate how truly quiet the Define R5 chassis is and how dedicated Fractal Design is when it comes to building silent PC cases.


According to the findings made by the manufacturer, a silent PC built using the Define R5 by Puget Systems, produces only 1.4dBA of noise in idle mode, which is quieter than clock-ticking. Under full load, the system produces 21.dBA of noise, which is comparable to rustling leaves. The company also found that different types of types of side panels of the Define R5 do not significantly affect noise dampening capabilities of the chassis.


More information about testing is available HERE.

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KitGuru Says: It is amazing how silent the Define R5 is. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see how the Define R5 compares to other PC cases in ideal situation of the anechoic chamber.

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