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Aerocool Cylon RGB Case Review: it’s only £35?

Rating: 8.5.

Aerocool's latest case is geared towards gamers and media enthusiasts, with a bright 13-mode RGB LED strip on the front and a huge acrylic glass side panel to show off all the hardware inside. Priced at just £35 as well, it is one of the cheapest cases we've ever reviewed. Is it worth buying, or is it something to avoid? Check out the video below to find out!

Yes, we know there is no such thing as Acrylic glass, its one or the other – its acrylic. Ben just made a little slip in the dialogue during the video.


You can find the Aerocool Cylon RGB case on Scan HERE

Product highlights:

  • RGB LED strip with 13 colour modes.
  • PSU and top case dust filters.
  • Full acrylic glass side panel.
  • 1*120mm fan included (rear of case).
  • SD/MicroSD card reader.


  • Spacious inner case capable of full gaming rig.
  • Rubber washers on side panel screws to stop cracking/damage.
  • Bright LED light on case front, works well with any interior hardware colours.
  • Easy to clean filters.
  • Up to 7 120mm fans, including two below GPU to help with ventilation.
  • Case acoustics work well enough to keep most fan vibrations inaudible.


  • Can't turn off LED light on case front.
  • Acrylic side panel easily attracts dust and scuffs.
  • Front of case has tendency to flex when installing fans.

KitGuru says: While Aerocool's older Aero-500 offers a better building experience for the same price, the Cylon appeals mainly thanks to its attractive RGB lighting and affordable price tag.

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Rating: 8.5.

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