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Cooler Master experiences Turkish delight

There is an old joke in Taiwan that ‘copy is right’. It’s a play on words that has been tested many times in the courts over the years as close competitors accuse each other of ‘borrowing’ their most popular designs. Something rather stranger happened to Cooler Master recently. KitGuru slaps on the massaging lard and peers through the mists of a local bath to reveal all.

With no scientific data whatsoever, KitGuru reckons that >90% of designs that come out of the Far East are ‘original’, while a small (but significant) number of designs are ‘borrowed’.

Genuine Cooler Master products from genuine Cooler Master resellers is the only way to go.

Normally, the companies involved are all closely related, sharing staff by hiring from each other etc, creating a huge mass of ideas and innovation that is readily adapted for other clients.

Imagine Cooler Master’s surprise when some cheeky Turkish chappies not only decided to copy their products, they also did it with really cheap materials and – the real killer – with a Cooler Master badge on the front.

The cheeky Turks’ defence?

“We are Cooler Master. Look, check with the Turkish authorities. It’s our name. We’re incorporated”.


Cooler Master (the real one – the one we all know and trust), dug deep into its legal budget and took the local copycats to court.

The case was successful and now Cooler Master in Turkey will be offering genuine products from the real manufacturer.

Will the official Cooler Master start to gobble up market share in Turkey?

At the time of writing, no data was available to KitGuru about how many poor locals may have bought sub-standard products.

The Turkish market itself is massive. The country’s population is close to 80 million people and the pace of cultural development is immensely fast. Also, it has a really young population, with an average age of just 28 years. As we all know, youngsters love spending, love technology and love design – all of which Cooler Master will now be able to tap into.

KitGuru says: Copying is not fair and it’s not fun. The major manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure their products are safe, so if you see famous name products being offered at stupidly low prices and/or made of sub-standard materials – steer clear.

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