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Phanteks unveils gold edition Enthoo – let the rush begin at Computex

When KitGuru first set eyes, and Lab Tests, on the Phanteks Enthoo series – it was immediately impressive. At Computex 2014, the world's leading show for computer components and peripherals, we got eyes-on something rather cool in a private suite inside the luxurious Hyatt hotel. Let's feel the fabric of your desire for gold.

Given that we torture-test hundreds and hundreds of products each year, for any individual piece of hardware to win one of our highly coveted Annual Awards is tough. But that's exactly what the Phanteks Enthoo Prime managed in 2013.

The ‘Drop In' SSD cages are interesting, as is the continued focus on ways to keep PSU heat away from the rest of the components.

That's all part of the inspiration that Caseking fed into Phanteks on this chassis – and the collaboration certainly seems to have worked. Certainly it has led to a Caseking Exclusive design.

There will be a subtle change in colour across these images – they were shot in ‘real world' conditions – but the overall feeling is one of quality.


Tool-free access and colour co-ordination rocks.


The internal details have been designed to be practical and attractive. We were taken through all of the possible options in terms of cooling, component location and modding/upgradeability – there are loads.

The gold-clad case is built from aluminium and is expected to be less than £299 when it is launched by Overclockers, according to Caseking business development guru Miodrag Relic, and that will happen before the summer kicks in for real.

Heading up the drive to get this unique chassis to market is Boon Tuoh Khor, seen here with his baby.

KitGuru says: The levels of innovation that Phanteks' engineers have reached for is impressive. Add on the smooth gold finish and you have the makings of a very interesting chassis. We'll need to test it in order to give a definitive opinion, but it's seriously desirable when you're up close and personal. 

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