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NZXT Source 210 Elite Case Review

Rating: 8.0.

NZXT really hit the headlines when they released their stunning Phantom case last year which won numerous awards including our most prestigious ‘Must Have’ award.  In terms of design, it broke new ground and remains one of the best looking cases out there today.

NZXT don’t just produce high end cases.  Today we are going to look at one of their value case offerings, the Source 210 elite, which is sure to leave your bank manager feeling much happier.  At a shade under £40, it is about as cheap as it gets for the big name case manufacturers, going up against models like the Silverstone PS03B.

There are actually two models of the Source 210 available, the standard model and the Elite version which we have for review.  The difference between the two is that the Elite model features a USB3.0 port on the front and an additional exhaust fan in the roof of the case.  For those who don’t like black, the case is also available in white.


  • 5.25″ and 3.5″ Screwless Design – Allows easy setup or removal of optical and hard drives
  • USB3.0 – Provides the most up to date high speed data gransfer
  • 140mm top fan included – Maximises coolign potential
  • Bottom Mounted PSU – Positioned for the most effective PSU ventilation
  • Wire Management Support – 20mm space for a neat and easy build
  • Aluminium Textured Panel – Accents the chassis for a clean, modern look and feel
  • Dual 120mm Front Intake – Takes advantage of front facing HDD bays for excellent Airflow
  • Maximise Cooling Potential – Eliminate heat by installing up to seven 120mm fans

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  • Iain

    I would think this would be selling well to system builders.

  • Ruf

    I bought this for my kid brother for his birthday and its actually quite good. I did replace the fan however as it is very loud and nasty. got a cheapish akasa one for £5.

  • Samuel

    Seems alright fo the money

  • Davis

    Its hard to get excited about a case in this price sector, but its a decent job all round, shame about the fans, but they are bound to get dropped to low grade to meet the price point.