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Xigmatek Gigas Case Review

Xigmatek have chosen to finish the case exclusively in brushed aluminium.  We have the black version of the case for review today but it is also available in silver if that takes your fancy.  As a result of the entirely aluminium construction, the case is lightweight which makes it ideal for those who move their system around a lot.

As you can see from the pictures above, the design of the Gigas is very different to most cases on the market.  It’s much shorter in height that your average mid-tower case but it is significantly wider.

The whole case is littered in air vents with large perforated sections in the front, left side and rear of the case.  Xigmatek populate both the front and rear fan vents with dual 120mm Xigmatek branded 1,000 RPM fans.  Rather than include a logo on the front of the case, Xigmatek have shaped the front fan vent as their trademark ‘X’ which is a nice design touch.

All of the connections are located on the front of the case to the left of the two drive bays.  The large power and reset buttons are at the top alongside the activity LEDs with the HD audio connectors, dual USB2.0 ports and single USB3.0 port bel0w.  While it’s clear that Xigmatek are targeting the higher end of the market with the quality aluminium chassis, we are rather disappointed with the quality of the power and reset buttons.

This may sound like a minor gripe but it shows a lack of attention to detail.

Moving round to the rear of the case we are given an ideal of the internal layout of the system.  The I/O cutout is orientated horizontally along the bottom edge of the case next to the four expansion slots.  Above this there are two 120mm exhaust fan vents which are both populated with 120mm Xigmatek branded models.  The power supply mountings are located above the four expansion slots.

Another unusual feature of the chassis is the lack of removable side panels.  To access the inside of the system we must remove the roof of the case using the six thumbscrews which are visible along the top edges.  Xigmatek have thoughtfully included washers to prevent these screws from damaging the finish of the case.

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