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Cooler Master HAF XM Case Review

In order to gain access inside the case,  Cooler Master have implemented a latch system similar to that of the Corsair 600t. That said, in this case it is only a single handle and is additionally supported by two thumb screws at the rear.

After removing the side panel you will notice the case is all black inside, this is almost an industry standard design decision in 2012. There are several routing holes with rubber grommets for system cables. These make cable management easy for the end user who wants to achieve maximum air flow and clean aesthetics.

In addition to the cable holes, the power supply cover tray also comes in handy to hide cables routed to the rear of the motherboard tray. It also features a small cut out on the top where the front panel cables can be easily routed to achieve a minimalist look.

Storage drives can be installed easily as the HAF XM uses a tool less bracket system for mounting the drives. The brackets feature a design that fits both 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives. The mount itself has four small holes which can be used for securing a 2.5″ HDD. Standard 3.5″ drives are mounted by the popular side locking clips found in each corner of the mount.

Just above the drive bays is a discreet PCB which features two SATA connectors and a Molex connector. This is a hot swappable bay should you frequently need to remove and add drives to the system.

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