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Lian Li PC-TU200 Case Review

Rating: 7.0.

Lian Li are world-renowned for producing some of the highest quality chassis in the enthusiast sector.

When they offered to send us an Mini-ITX case from their range we were eager to see how it would compare with other HTPC cases we have reviewed recently.

Today we’re going to look at the Lian-Li PC-TU200 Aluminium Mini Tower case, targeted at small form factor enthusiasts and for those people seeking a sleek, portable HTPC case.

Can the PC-TU200 hold it’s own in a ever-growing, competitive small form factor market? Do big things really come in small packages?

Official Specification:

  • Model: PC-TU200
  • Case Type: Mini Tower Chassis
  • Dimensions: (W) 220mm x (H) 320mm x (D) 360mm
  • Front Bezel Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black / Silver
  • Side Panel: Aluminum
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Net Weight: 3.15Kg
  • 5.25″ drive bay (External): 1
  • 3.5″ drive bay (External): None
  • HDD bay: 3.5-Inch HDD x4 / 2.5-Inch HDD x2 (One used in the 3.5-inch bay)
  • Expansion Slots: 2
  • Motherboard Form Factor: Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX
  • System Fan (Front): 140mm fan x1
  • System Fan (Top): None
  • System Fan (Rear): None
  • I/O Ports: e-SATA / USB3.0 x 2 / HD Audio
  • Maximum Compatibility: VGA Card length: 300mm
  • PSU length: 140mm
  • CPU cooler height: 80mm

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  • Davis

    It looks ok, but im not sure about the handle. I can appreciate why its there, but it puts me off the shape. can it be removed?

  • Joseph

    Its a nice idea, but there are flaws. the corners of the case for instance, why not make the four protective extra ‘pads’ rubberised? they are aluminum, and I know the black version of the case will mark extra easy when moved about. Thats the biggest mistake IMO. id rather have a thin rubber pad on each corner of the case to keep the aluminum off the surfaces, rather than have it all stratched.

    The price is also a little high.

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  • destinyegg

    Built my last system using this case. Removed the drive cage & installed the Addonics snap-in bay for hard drives. There was enough room to fit a H70 water cooling unit with the radiator fitted via a manifold to the front fan. To finish off a Seasonic fanless PSU & a Gainwind 670 Phamtom (with the shroud removed). Positive air pressure cooling that runs nice & quiet 🙂

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  • DriveChain01

    I for one like this design – especially the handle.
    It looks sturdy and has soft edges; I have been stabbed by the edges of my old case because of the twisted sheet metal (but hey, I just about lost an eye putting up a steel shed).
    The grating for the large fan makes this case look like a cheap guitar amp, which is good in my opinion.
    Looks very portable.

  • DonKong

    I love the appearance and I bought one after reading this review. I do agree and never actually thought about the rubberised corners. they should be rubber, not metal, as this will mark badly over time, as its meant to be moved.

    Hopefujlly they change this in the next revision to be more ‘durable’. im sure lian li can get it looking right and not cheap.

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