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Lian Li PC-TU200 Case Review

As with any small form factor case, there are certain challenges faced during the installation process. The most prominent challenge is the lack of space to work with. Lian Li have accepted that this isn’t a problem that can be overcome and have opted to make almost everything inside the case removable.

Installing the motherboard is nothing out of the ordinary with a mounting support for Mini-ITX and Mini-DTX form factors.

Any internal storage can be mounted inside the drive cage, however, a single SSD can be mounted underneath the cage. It is recommended at this point to install any PCI/PCIe components as this cannot be done once the power supply has been installed.

With the drives in place, its now time for the power supply to be added. This is easily added to the system by screwing in the PSU support mount, pulling the cables through the PSU hole at the rear of the case and connecting them prior to sliding the power supply gently into the case. The power supply can then be secured to the case.

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