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be quiet! announces the Silent Base 802 case alongside two new coolers

This week, be quiet! held a virtual event announcing three new launches coming before the end of the year. This includes a white version of the Shadow Rock 3 CPU cooler, a new AIO water cooler with a decoupled pump design and the Silent Base 802 chassis.

Starting with the Shadow Rock 3 White, this is the same cooler that we've reviewed before but with a white finish on the heatsink. As per be quiet!, the white finish won't affect thermals by more than one degree. Just like the original Shadow Rock 3, it will come with a Shadow Wings 2 120mm PWM fan, and a black and white top covering the heatsink. The heatsink is connected to the flattened contact plate by 6x nickel-coated heatpipes, and is rated to handle up to 190W TDP processors.

The Pure Loop AIO is a new AIO water cooler that will be available in 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator sizes. Designed as a cheaper alternative to other water coolers from be quiet!, the Pure Loop coolers have a different OEM from the Silent Loop series. The radiators are 27mm thick, and Pure Wings 2 PWM fans are used to cool the unit. The radiators are refillable and come with a 100ml bottle of coolant, and the nickel-coated baseplate supports liquid metal compounds. Additionally, the cooling block features white LED lighting around it. One thing to point out on this cooler is the double-decoupled pump design, which the company claims that it will ensure the cooler's quiet operation with minimal vibration.


Last of all, we have the Silent Base 802, the successor to the Silent Base 801. This Silent Base 802 is basically the airflow version of the Silent Base 801 with updated connectors, which on paper seems quite good. The top cover and front panel are interchangeable between standard panels and meshed versions of them, designed to improve airflow. The front I/O panel was updated by replacing the USB 2.0 port with a USB-C 3.2 port with a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps. This case will be available in black and white, with a solid and a windowed option.

The Shadow Rock 3 White will be available for $60 in early October. The Pure Loop coolers will also be available in early October, priced at $85 (120mm), $95 (240mm), $105 (280mm), and $120 (360mm). The Silent Base 802 will be available in November for $160 (non-windowed) and $170 (windowed).

KitGuru says: What do you think about the decoupled-pump design? What about the Silent Base 802? Would you choose the white Shadow Rock 3 CPU cooler over the original?

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