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CoolerMaster releases the MasterBox 540 and MasterBox MB600L V2

CoolerMaster is adding two new cases to its vast portfolio – the MasterBox 540 for RGB-lovers and the MasterBox MB600L V2 for those who prefer a minimalistic design. 

The CoolerMaster MasterBox 540 has a unique ARGB ether front panel to create a dazzling display of colours. Users can choose to customise the RGB lighting through the included controller or sync it with the motherboard and other components. The front panel comes with a USB-C 3.2 (Gen 2) port, 2x USB-A 3.2 (Gen 1) ports, and a 3.5mm headset jack.

The top panel can be removed to improve access to the system, which is particularly useful when you have to install an AIO cooler. The tempered glass side panel can also be easily removed thanks to its screwless and tool-free design. On the inside, users can install 410mm long GPUs, 165mm tall CPU coolers, 2x 360mm radiators, and up to 7x 120mm fans.

Featuring a more subtle design, the MasterBox MB600L V2 features a brushed front panel with side mesh intakes and CoolerMaster's hexagon logo. If you install an RGB fan on the front panel behind the hexagon, the colours shine through. There will be a version with ODD support and another without, where the first is slightly deeper. Moreover, there will be a tempered glass side panel and steel side panel model.

The MasterBox MB600L V2 offers plenty of support for cooling components, allowing users to install up to 6x fans and front and top radiators, although radiator sizes differ on whether you pick up the ODD version or the standard version. Inside the case, there's also support for 400mm long GPUs and 161mm tall coolers. Users can also remove the included HDD cage to increase compatibility with longer PSUs.

Both cases are available now. The MasterBox 540 is priced at £109.99, and the MasterBox MB600L V2 at £49.99 with a steel panel and £54.99 with a tempered glass panel.

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