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EK shows new systems, cooling components and a new case at Computex 2021

EK Expo at Computex 2021 included many announcements from the company. Whether you're interested in new workstation and gaming systems, a new line of AIO coolers, the completion of the Quantum line of cooling components, the upcoming Velocity² and Vector² water blocks, or a brand-new case, EK has got you covered.

EK is launching two new liquid-cooled workstations systems featuring QDCs (Quick Disconnect Couplings): the X7000-C and the X7000-RM. The first comes in a small form factor without sacrificing power, supporting server-grade components and up to 4 liquid-cooled GPUs. The X-7000RM comes in a rack-mountable form (5U), capable of fitting up to 7 liquid-cooled GPUs inside of it.

There's also a new gaming system coming from EK. Based on the Lian-Li PC-011D Mini, the latest addition to the EK Fluid Gaming line-up features the new EK AIO Plus, a water-cooled AMD Ryzen CPU, and an AMD Radeon or Nvidia RTX GPU of your choice.

For those that want to take advantage of water cooling without the hassle of mounting the whole loop, EK is releasing a new series of AIO coolers, the EK-Nucleus. There will be two models, the EK-Nucleus Lux and the EK-Nucleus Vision, but more should come in the future. Both models come with D-RGB lighting, a rotatable pump top and new fitting positions, but only the Vision model comes with an LCD. Available sizes have not been disclosed yet.

During EK Expo, the company also announced that it's finally completing the Quantum line of cooling components with the launch of new radiators (about 50) and two new fan models. The fans will be available in white, black, and a mix of both.

Also part of the Quantum line, EK announced the new Velocity² and Vector² CPU and GPU water blocks with RGB lighting. The Velocity² new blocks will employ a different cooling engine depending on the generation of processors that they will be used on. Moreover, it will also feature ExactMount, a new mounting mechanism to reduce the hassle of mounting the block.

EK also announced the EK-Matrix 7, a new water-colling mounting standard based on the G1/4″ thread for water inlets and outlets and increments of 7mm for the products' height and distance between ports.

In collaboration with InWin, EK announced the EK-Classic InWin 303EK D-RGB – Black case. This case packs a built-in distribution plate with G1/4″ threaded inlets and outlets on the front panel and comes paired with a DDC 3.2 pump capable of pushing up to 1000 litres per hour. Inside the case, you can mount a motherboard, up to two GPUs, and a top-mounted radiator. All D-RGB LEDs are compatible with most RGB sync technologies. The case is readily available for €369.90.

KitGuru says: Are you planning on building a custom liquid loop soon? Any chance of using EK's new cooling components or case? Or would you rather go for an AIO like the EK-Nucleus series?

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