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Computex: Antec details cases, but they’re nowhere to be seen

Antec made an appearance at this year's Computex last week, but while it talked up cases of the future, the actual hardware it had on show was mostly coolers. They might have been big and red, but it's the chassis that Antec has planned that had us most interested.

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The big case that Antec was touting was its upcoming GX1200. It's a new, large-scale EATX chassis, but it won't be too pricey – coming in at just shy of 80 euros (£62). It will however have twin fans in the front with different colour options for you to pick from.

That lighting will also tweak the LEDs hidden under the chassis too, giving it an underglow.


The GX1200 also sports space for a 240mm radiator in the top and a 360mm radiator in the front, so those who like their watercooling may be interested. There will be enough space in there to support graphics cards up to 410mm in length too, so there is nothing you can't fit in this case if you want to.

The GX1200 is set to arrive in mid-July.

The other case Antec was pleased to let us know about, was its new Trapeze. Set to debut at some point in Q3-4, the retail price is slated to be around £180 euros (£142). The side panels are glass, with carbon fibre options for the roof if you take case modder, Kevin Chen's custom version.

Built with a mini-ITX form factor in mind, the the Trapeze will also come equipped with the Antec Magic Box and is designed to work in tandem with the 240 predator water cooling kit.

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KitGuru Says: There were a few coolers there too of course, mostly from the Elegant series, but Antec didn't seem quite as interested in selling us on them, as it was on its new cases.

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