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Twitch donation ‘troll’ denied Paypal refund

A ‘troll' who's grand master plan to annoy Twitch streamers was to donate vast sums of money to them, only to have that money refunded a month later, has had his plan derailed because Paypal refused the charge back. He sure showed those streamers.

Over the past month or so, streamers of various creeds, nationalities and games have been finding themselves with large donations of several thousand dollars at a time, totalling upwards of $50,000 (£35,000), from one particular individual. This was obviously exciting for a lot of them, especially smaller streamers without large followings – but it was all intended as a ruse.

NB. This video contains NSFW language

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf5sBvfaI-Q']

Rip Riley would not approve

In the above video showing the donations coming in live as the various channels streamed, you can see the big reaction from many of the gamers, who are simply blown away by the size of the donations. For some that's real, life-changing money they've just earned.

But in the case of this troll, who claims that sort of money was a drop in the bucket any way, they were hoping to pull the rug out from under all of those who they had donated to. However Paypal stepped in and would not authorise the chargeback on his account, so the donations will stick (thanks Eteknix).

Everyone who received money from this individual will get to keep it.

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KitGuru Says: No real life lessons to learn here, but it's nice to see someone with clear, long-term intention to be an ass having their plan foiled by a payment provider's policy.

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