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Paypal no longer protects crowd-funding payments

Although sites like Kickstarter accept credit and debit card payments for campaigns, Paypal has always proved a popular route since it offered some measure of protection for users. Not any more though, as the site has announced that after the end of June this year, payments made through crowd funding …

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PayPal to start cutting off payments to VPN services

PayPal is already known for its stance against Torrent sites and file-hosting services but now it seems that the payment processor has an issue with VPN and SmartDNS services too. This week, PayPal began refusing to accept payments for a company providing users with VPN or SmartDNS tools to bypass …

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Paypal to become separate, publicly traded business

Paypal and Ebay have been joined at the hip for years now, in terms of official paperwork and in the eyes of the public, after the auction site bought out the payment provider in the early 00's. However that relationship is now set to change a little, as Paypal is …

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Paypal ignores two factor authentication bypass bug

Back in June, security researcher, Joshua Rogers,  discovered a bug in Paypal's two factor authentication system, allowing it to be completely bypassed by logging in through a ‘special' page. Despite Rogers reporting the bypass several times, the company has yet to patch it up or even acknowledge the problem and as a …

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Paypal releases Indiegogo campaign’s funds

Once again the internet's ability to bring like minded people together to help fight injustice has been proven. Just yesterday we reported on how Paypal had frozen the account of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm developers, after they withdrew half of their Indiegogo raised funds, with the online-loan-shark suggesting that it …

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Ebay looking to take the fight to Amazon


Ebay is looking to challenge big names in the retail game, with plans to expand its business to double the current user base – which would bring the total to over 200 million – within the next three years. If successful, this would see the total money changing hand on …

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Mega resellers disallow Paypal payments

Mega Resellers

Mega got off to a flying start just over a week ago, but it's run into a few problems. One was keeping the site operational during busy periods and another has proved to be resellers of premium accounts being forced to drop the Paypal payment option. Out of the ten …

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Paypal withholds funds to improve its bottom line

Book burning

New information has come to light about the dodgy business practices of online payment platform Paypal, suggesting that it deliberately delays payments to banks in order to gain interest from the money deposited by its users. According to documents shown to Wirenews, one user found that any balance withdrawal requests …

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Pirate Bay founder ISP accounts seize by Paypal


Paypal has hit out at PRQ, the ISP setup by Pirate Bay founders Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm, by banning it from using its online payment service and seizing all funds in its accounts – not once, but twice. Initially PRQ was hit with an account freeze for up to …

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Ex-Marks and Spencer boss pushes new money

Sir Stuart Rose was asked to leave M&S with an £8 million handshake and, at 61 years of age, could well retire to a humble Yorkshire mining town – supping bitter and regaling locals with tales of retailing wonder. But he's not doing that. In fact he's getting quite dramatic. …

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PayPal doesn’t see the light in NFC

It now appears as if PayPal are now working on their own form of payment technology; turning their back on Near Field Communications (NFC). Although they have experimented with NFC in their Android application and as a point of sales system in Sweden recently, they do not see the brilliance …

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Paypal suing Google over stolen trade secrets

Paypal has filed a suit against Google in California court. They are saying that the search engine giant have stolen trade secrets from the mobile payment business. Osama Bedier, an ex paypal staff member was hired at Google and they claim he has shared Paypal's business secrets with the new …

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