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Mega resellers disallow Paypal payments

Mega got off to a flying start just over a week ago, but it's run into a few problems. One was keeping the site operational during busy periods and another has proved to be resellers of premium accounts being forced to drop the Paypal payment option.

Out of the ten companies currently reselling Mega subscriptions, four have removed the option: Pay.mobi, GratisAntivirus, VoucherReseller and Hosting.co.uk. Initially it was thought that this was personal preference on behalf of those companies, however it now looks like it could be Paypal merely enacting its own terms of service.

Mega Resellers
Mega resellers will now be restricted to other payment providers

“It’s been widely publicized that file sharing sites need to obtain pre-approval in order to process payments with PayPal,”  said Robert King, head of StopFileLockers, a lobby group that is against file locker websites, claiming they are havens of piracy.

“Whilst we cannot speak for PayPal, we would expect that PayPal would simply be applying their standards fairly to all file sharing sites and that includes Mega and its resellers,” he continued in an interview with TorrentFreak.

King and the efforts of his organisation are still ongoing, despite the fact that Mega has much better safeguards in place with regards to piracy. A takedown tool is already being used by studios that find their material on the site, though they have to sign an agreement not to sue Mega if they want to make use of it.

KitGuru Says: While Paypal is perfectly within its rights to not allow people to use its service, the actions of people like King seem deplorable. Work with companies to improve services, don't try and get them banned and taken down – it just stifles future developments.

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