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Stolen eBay database is currently on sale- probably a hoax

You may have heard that eBay was hacked around March this year but the company has only just got around to asking all of its users to change their passwords this week. However, now it looks like someone is looking to cash in on the aftermath of the attack as an alleged eBay database has gone on sale for 1.45 bitcoin, which works out at about £450.

The stolen database appeared in an anonymous text file found on Pasebin, the poster supposedly has access to a full eBay user database dump containing 145,312,663 unique records. Rapid7 global security strategist, Trey Ford, noted that it’s not uncommon to find someone offering false credentials after a big hack.


Ford also explained that “This happened with the Livingsocial breach too. In our initial analysis of the 12,663 credentials offered as a sample of the larger database, we found matches between email addresses and a popular Malaysian web forum, which may point to the true source of these credentials.”

During the eBay hack, user email addresses, names, passwords and physical addresses were all stolen but all financial data remained safe. Because of this, users have been advised to change passwords across multiple accounts as many use the same password across different websites.

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KitGuru Says: The eBay hack is pretty significant as the site currently has 128 million active user accounts. Allowing user personal data to fall in to the wrong hands is unacceptable and it’s a little odd that it took almost two months for the company to warn its customers. Do you guys think the database that’s on sale could be real? I find it hard to believe that someone would sell access to a lot of personal data for just £450.

Source: The Inquirer

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