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Copyright lobby group spends 15 times more than it pays to artists

Copyright lobby groups that hope to push pirates and organisations that it feels benefit unfairly from piracy, to pay up, ostensibly do so because they care about the artists they represent. In practice though, that ideal rarely plays out. Take Rightscorp for example, which recently published its quarterly financial reports, only …

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Troll killer breaks down how to slay the IP beast

Patent, copyright and IP infringement is a major problem in today’s society, but abuse of the systems designed to protect against them is almost worse. While Samsung and Apple might love spending millions in legal fees just to rub each other’s nose in the dirt for a few days, there are …

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London Lawyer will defend accused movie pirates for free

Although the tactics of media lobby groups that claim to be protecting the rights of movie makers have been dubious in the past, one of the more deplorable practices some take part in is the sending of extortive letters to households, threatening a court room if a fine isn’t paid. …

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Apple VS Samsung patent case gets a verdict

The Apple VS Samsung patent cases seen to never end but after a lot of stalling and several appeals, the court has finally given its verdict on the second patent case and neither company really wins. Apple was suing Samsung for a hefty $2.2 billion over some of its pre-Galaxy …

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Waterstones trolls Amazon with O.W.L.S delivery

Following on from the interesting, but certainly attention grabbing news yesterday that Amazon was currently in discussion with the FAA about unmanned drone delivery, book retailer Waterstones has released a trolling video discussing a new way of delivering books, via owl. In the very tongue in cheek video, press manager …

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Sony pledges to perma-ban persistent trolls

In-game and out-of-game trolls, are something that gaming has struggled to deal with for a long time, but particularly in recent years. With the advent of Twitter and other social interaction platforms, the lines of communication between developers and players and just between gamers themselves, have been shortened, making for …

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Here’s how Microsoft is handling trolls on the Xbox One

Microsoft is doing a lot of things with its next-generation console (though perhaps less than initially) but one of the big things, is overhauling Xbox Live and specifically, how it deals with the internet’s #1 pest, the Troll. With the Xbox One’s live system, gamers will be somewhat beholden to …

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Vice troll pushes “finger hashtag”


Vice certainly covers some strange stuff. From captivating stories on North Korea and Liberia, to some of the world’s weirdest and most dangerous drugs, it covers a lot of interesting topics that will make you realise how crazy the world really is. However the group’s resident troll Nimrod Kamer, is …

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