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Vice troll pushes “finger hashtag”

Vice certainly covers some strange stuff. From captivating stories on North Korea and Liberia, to some of the world’s weirdest and most dangerous drugs, it covers a lot of interesting topics that will make you realise how crazy the world really is. However the group’s resident troll Nimrod Kamer, is hoping to inject a bit more crazy in the world, while mocking twitter users: by introducing the finger hashtag.

Claiming that it’s a new trend that’s catching on among the social hipster elite, Kamer has created a real life version of the hashtag. Simply hold up each set of index and middle finger you have and cross them over – thus creating the finger hashtag.

How many of you clicked the thumb to see this full picture?

Apparently the correct way to use this, is simply to add hashtags to your every day conversations, but instead of verbalising the #, you simply throw up this sign – we wouldn’t recommend it in some parts of Los Angeles – and then proceed with whatever hashtag you were bringing up. YOLO or something.

Kamer has been getting a few of his freelance “news” pieces posted in different publications recently. This latest one is on Wired, but he also got an obvious troll piece about Twitter on the Huffington Post. I hope these publications are in on the joke.

KitGuru Says: Of course if you actually did this while we were talking, we’d no longer be friends. Even if you say “hashtag” and manage to stop yourself using the sign, I’ll cut you right out.

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