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Vice met with Edward Snowden to discuss surveillance states

Vice might get a bit of flak for its hipster approach to journalism at times, but it’s also produced some pretty hard hitting documentaries and provided real insight into some of the stranger parts of the world. Its latest target in an upcoming episode is government surveillance, so company founder …

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Vice airs Obama interview

Last week Vice debuted a trailer of founder Shane Smith’s sit down with US President Barack Obama, hinting at some of the topics that they had discussed earlier in the week. Now the interview has been released in full, touching on everything from climate change, to political gridlocks and even on …

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Alternate Silk Road owner evidence ruled inadmissable

The defence of Ross Ulbricht during his ongoing court case for owning and operating the Tor accessible drug marketplace, Silk Road, was dealt a blow yesterday, when evidence from an agent with the department of homeland security (DHS) that claimed Ulbricht was a fall guy, was ruled inadmissible by the …

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Kim Dotcom gets the Vice treatment

Vice has become one of the most interesting but down to earth, documentary machines in the past few years, pumping out everything from look-ins at North Korean slave labour camps in Siberia, to hanging out with General Butt Naked. But it’s not all warlords and despots on their radar, sometimes …

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Vice troll pushes “finger hashtag”


Vice certainly covers some strange stuff. From captivating stories on North Korea and Liberia, to some of the world’s weirdest and most dangerous drugs, it covers a lot of interesting topics that will make you realise how crazy the world really is. However the group’s resident troll Nimrod Kamer, is …

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