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EA is hosting a negative chat about sexuality in gaming

EA Games is set to host a talk today called EA Full Spectrum, that looks to find out what Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) think of the current state of gaming. Or at least, that’s what you’d think they’d be asking, instead according to the event’s site, it already knows that gaming is full of homophobia and EA wants to know how to combat it.

“EA Full Spectrum will bring together leaders from the LGBT and videogame community to talk about the state of hate in videogames, the origins of homophobia in games, the development of authentic LGBT characters and whether our industry is doing enough to combat hate,” says the event’s site.

It continues by saying, “The event will also feature panels that discuss how we define the problem of hate in videogames and another discussion about our responsibility and going about enacting real change.”

This sounds like complete pandering. Instead of actually asking LGBT individuals for their opinions on the industry, EA is already assuming it’s a mine field of “hate,” and wants everyone that identifies themselves as part of the LGBT community, to know that it’s already whipping itself for its poor behaviour.

How desperate can you be?

EA Games
The EA published Mass Effect series famously had same sex relationships. Image Source: GamesIndustry

EA has of course had quite a strong history of supporting same sex relationships in Bioware games; the Mass Effect series being a prime example, as well as the famous gay world in Star Wars: The Old republic. But with that being the case, why such a negative outlook on the industry before the conversation has even started?

Kitguru Says: I think it’s great that a talk like this is being held, but it’s completely ridiculous to go into it with a weighted agenda – whichever way the scales are tipped. Actually ask these people what they think, instead of suggesting that the industry is full of “hate,” before the first words have even been spoken.

It’s actually insulting to LGBT individuals, to suggest that they can’t figure out the state of the industry without EA pointing it out for them. Look for an honest response EA, not one that makes you look like a saviour.

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