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Dotcom can now sue NZ intelligence agency for spying

Kim Dotcom, the embattled founder of Megaupload and Mega, has won another victory in Kiwi court, after a judge denied the appeal of his opposition to overturn an initial ruling, that said he would be allowed to sue the New Zealand intelligence agency, GCSB. While that’s all a little confusing, the end result is that he will indeed be allowed to sue the organisation for illegally spying on him before warrants were issued.

Unfortunately, just as with his extradition trial, Dotcom’s legal team will not be given full access to all the evidence gathered by the GCSB. Instead, they will be allowed to learn what information exists and where it was sent, but won’t be allowed to view it themselves.

“We look forward to holding GCSB spy org accountable,” said Dotcom’s lawyer Ira Rothken (via TorrentFreak). He went on to say that suing the GSCB would, “not only protect @KimDotcom’s rights but the rights of all NZ residents.”

Unlike the Dotcom Extradition trial which has been pushed back for months on several occasions – now expected to take place in August 2013 – this trial will take place much sooner. It’s currently scheduled for April this year.

KitGuru Says: Considering the NZ government and GCSB were targeting one of its own citizens – which is illegal without proper legal paperwork – for spying actions on behalf of the FBI, this should be a pretty big embarrassment for the authorities there.

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