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Kim Dotcom pens open letter to acquitted NZ MP

Legally embattled entrepreneur and MegaUpload founder, Kim Dotcom, has released an open letter discussing the recent verdict that saw ex-New Zealand politician and Auckland Mayor, John banks acquitted of all charges related to hiding electoral funding. In it he addresses some of the claims made by Banks that suggest Dotcom …

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Kim Dotcom 2012 mansion raid deemed legal by Supreme Court

It seems ridiculous at this point, but Kim Dotcom is still awaiting his extradition trial, despite the fact that he was originally arrested almost three years ago, during a 20th January raid on his mansion. In the raid’s aftermath, we learned that helicopters and heavily armed (though oddly not armoured) …

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Jetpacks may be reality soon too

This year has been an exciting one for technology. We’ve seen much more realistic virtual reality in the guise of the DK2, we’ve seen maglev-technology hoverboards and now we might be set to (finally) get access to jetpacks. The New Zealand company behind the technology, Martin Aircraft, isn’t just showing off …

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Kim Dotcom’s NZ lawyers jump ship, forget he exists

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled since January of 2012, following his arrest after the raid on his home. This legal action takes place all over the world, with court cases and lawyer wrangling in the US, Hong Kong and New Zealand, as some try to extradite him, while others …

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Dotcom explains his departure from Baboom, Internet Party

Kim Dotcom has been a personality we’ve covered here a lot in the past couple of years, mostly because he’s been working on some exciting new platform. Over that time he’s launched the phoenix like file-locker site, Megaupload, a music sharing site and his own political party, but since then he’s …

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Can Dotcom make a difference in NZ elections?

As the New Zealand general elections roll ever closer, people are beginning to wonder if much of what internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been up to over the last six months will pay off. Will his Internet MANA political alliance be able to not only gain a seat at the …

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FBI offered ‘brownie points’ to NZ customs for Dotcom spying

According to new emails outed as part of the Kim Dotcom extradition trial, New Zealand customs officials were offered the chance to earn “brownie pointts,” by the organisation’s operations manager, if they gave up secretive information on the people they were investigating and handed it over to the FBI. how to …

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Did NZ give Dotcom residency, to make his arrest easier?

Kim Dotcom

This is the question being asked by more than just Kim Dotcom today, after it came to light that when his residency request was stalled due to previous criminal convictions in 2010, Dotcom was suddenly, inexplicably given it, after correspondence between police, FBI and immigration officials. This all happened back in October …

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Dotcom can now sue NZ intelligence agency for spying

Kim Dotcom, the embattled founder of Megaupload and Mega, has won another victory in Kiwi court, after a judge denied the appeal of his opposition to overturn an initial ruling, that said he would be allowed to sue the New Zealand intelligence agency, GCSB. While that’s all a little confusing, …

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NZ spy group must reveal details to Kim Dotcom

Dotcom Raid

Following on from a reveal in August that the New Zealand intelligence agency, Government Communication Security Bureau (GCSB), illegally spied on Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom before his arrest in January, it has now been granted that the file locker millionaire will be able to sue the organisation for damages. While …

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