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Despite evidence lockout, Dotcom promises “interesting facts” in trial

Despite the fact that his legal team has been denied access to the majority of evidence against him and therefore much of the supposed illegal surveillance that the New Zealand intelligence agency, GSCB gathered, Kim Dotcom has promised that there will be “interesting facts” about both NZ authorities and US ones, such as the FBI, when his extradition trial takes place in August.

This announcement was made during a virtual talk at the South by South West conference, where he spoke as a disembodied head on a giant screen. “Get the popcorn ready,” said Dotcom, “because you won’t believe what these guys did.”

Kim Dotcom
Dotcom has a somewhat shady history as a hacker.

Part of “what these guys did,” is already known, as we’ve seen the raid footage from January 2012, that saw multiple teams of heavily armed men – sporting grenades and automatic weapons – enter the Dotcom mansion in a coordinated attack. We’ve since heard that the warrant used for the arrest of Dotcom was invalid and that before that day, illegal surveillance took place.

If there is more to reveal, the US and NZ governments could look very bad indeed.

Dotcom is currently undergoing preliminary hearings for his extradition trial, that could see him sent to the US to face further charges of money laundering, fraud and copyright infringement.

KitGuru Says: I’m really looking forward to this trial. Whatever happens, the reveal of what the US and NZ authorities did should be very interesting indeed.

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