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Petition against Valve paid mods gains traction

Valve opened up a can of worms last night when it announced that it would be allowing developers to sell their mods on the Steam Workshop, with no quality control, curation process, or guarantee of future support or compatibility. The main issue people seem to be having though, is just …

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Flattr makes micro-payments simple


Flattr is a site that's designed to allow end users to show a little financial support for the people that make the products and services they love the most. Now it's even easier, with a new “like” button system that means a small donation is made every time you click …

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EFF donations aim to help fix software patent issues


Dot-com millionaire Mark Cuban and Minecraft fortune holder Marcus “Notch” Persson, have each donated a quarter million dollars (£153,000) to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to help the non-profit organisation fix the current problems with software patent law. With these donations the EFF will be able to hire on another patent lawyer in …

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