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Flattr makes micro-payments simple

Flattr is a site that’s designed to allow end users to show a little financial support for the people that make the products and services they love the most. Now it’s even easier, with a new “like” button system that means a small donation is made every time you click a button “like” that.

You’ll need an account on the site, as well as a monthly limit – set by yourself – and you can either leave it by itself, or now hook it up to your other social network accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. Once twinned, should you favourite a particular tweet, or like a picture from a certain developer, that person will receive a micro-donation on Flattr. The point is to reinforce your affection with a small monetary payment, thereby content creators are encouraged to continue doing what they do well.

If anyone wants to donate to their favourite writer, I'll get one of these set up later today.

To pay for this service, Flattr takes a 10 per cent cut of each transaction – which seems more than rivals like Paypal – with all funds sent to people without a Flattr account getting an “unclaimed” tag. That money will then sit in the sender’s account, until such a day that the content creator signs up, at which point the funds are sent over.

People can withdraw their Flattr money once they breach the 10 euro threshold.

KitGuru Says: This seems like a nice idea, but one of the reasons the founder set it up was to avoid Paypal slowness and feel and 10 per cent per transaction is hardly a low ball.

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