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Can’t wait to see Tony Ou’s little beauty in the flesh

Looking back at the thousands of products on show at Computex 2012, it's easy to end up with geek-fatigue. Like a kid in a sweet shop, we spent as much time salivating over the new technology as we did writing about it. Now the action has died down, we'll be scanning back over thousands of photographs and pulling out the products that we're most keen to see in the KitGuru Labs.

For non-disclosure agreement reasons, there was a room in the Cooler Master suite that we can't discuss. So we won't. You'll just have to wait.

Back on the main floor, Silverstone was being far less shy about its new products. Alongside the Raven IV and a monster 1,350 PSU, Tony Ou was on hand to show us around some of the smallest innovations yet.

The SG09 is gorgeous. Slot loading optical drive bay at the top, with a pair of USB 3 connections front and centre – it's the size and position of the tiny little PSU that we love the most. This Gold-rated power supply needs to be seen next to something like a Blackberry phone in order for you to appreciate the engineering.

In a few months time, someone will send KitGuru Labs a powerful, silent system – based on this chassis and PSU – and we're willing to bet that the world will seem like a better place. Let's see if we're right.

Badass chassis says 'Ready for business', while the 450 watt modular PSU does everything it can to avoid getting in the way.

KitGuru says: It's a gorgeous chassis, with a well-thought out interior and made to Silverstone's extremely high standards. Combine it with the world's cutest 80-Plus Gold power supply – and it becomes a thing of beauty. While muscle cars have a charm of their own, it's the Civic Type ‘R' cars that make people smile the most. Something small and innocent that has a sharp design and goes like the clappers. Roll on SG-09 systems with pixie-dust enhanced power supplies.

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