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Silverstone SG10 launch date and price set

The chaps in KitGuru Labs have been fans of Silverstone’s Sugo range (on and off) since the original SG01. Sure, there have been some issues with size, noise and ease of assembly along the way but – overall – these chassis have filled a valuable gap in the market. We now know when the latest Sugo – the SG10 – will arrive and how much it will cost.

KitGuru reported on the SG10 back at CES in January.

For anyone who remembers the early SG series cases, they will know that fitting even a single, average graphic card could be fun – let alone a pair of high-end bad boys.

But that’s the SG10 promise, that you will be able to run your mini-rig with  two 13.2 inchers (which is 33.5 cm in new money).

Impressive stuff.

So how long will we have to wait and how much will we need to pay?

According to our sources at Silverstone, the brand new Sugo SG10 should be on UK shelves for less than £100 inc vat ($125 plus sales tax in the US of A) by the second week of June.

Artist's impression of Silverstone's technical marketing guru, Tony Ou, peering from behind the SG10
Artist’s impression of Silverstone’s technical marketing guru, Tony Ou, peering from behind the SG10

KitGuru says: We honestly can’t wait to see the SG10 in the KitGuru Labs. We love it when they ‘make it fit on the head of a pin’. Coupling this case with some low-noise graphics cards, a phat SSD and a silent PSU should be fun.

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