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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge go on sale today

Samsung’s new pair of flagship smartphones for 2016 are going on sale today. From today, you should be able to get hold of a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge in the US, UK and Australia. If you have been following news on both devices, then you will likely …

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iPhones put into infinite boot loop with counter-Y2K issue

A new prank, nuisance and/or malicious attack on user hardware has emerged for 64bit iPhones and iPads that involves changing the date. Rolling it back all the way to the 1st January 1970 puts many modern iPhones into an infinite boot loop which many users have found it hard to recover …

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Silverstone SG10 launch date and price set

The chaps in KitGuru Labs have been fans of Silverstone’s Sugo range (on and off) since the original SG01. Sure, there have been some issues with size, noise and ease of assembly along the way but – overall – these chassis have filled a valuable gap in the market. We …

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Adobe ready to share CS6 secrets with you

Launch any improvement, to any product, and the first question most intelligent people will ask is, “OK, so what’s different?”.  For CS6, the powers that be at A-do-be have decided that a flood of Webinar options is the way to go. KitGuru gets a new GMail account just to sign …

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