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Adobe ready to share CS6 secrets with you

Launch any improvement, to any product, and the first question most intelligent people will ask is, “OK, so what’s different?”.  For CS6, the powers that be at A-do-be have decided that a flood of Webinar options is the way to go. KitGuru gets a new GMail account just to sign up and see if the address gets shared.

Following on from KitGuru’s exclusive revelation that CS6 goes on sale on 7th May, many of the Photoshop users out there will be pondering, “What what do I get for my £190?” – well fear not – there is probably a freebie Adobe Webinar coming your way in the next week or two.

The general landing page for ALL of the mighty Adobe’s webinars is here.

Signing up, specifically, for Photoshop CS6 knowledge happens here.

Now for some pretty pictures.

Hmmm... Free training stuff. Love it.

KitGuru says: While the most significant improvement for may will be the inclusion of AMD-friendly code in the Mercury Engine for GPGPU acceleration, Adobe has also included a tantalising array of 3D hints around its descriptions – and there’s even a webinar specifically about Photoshop CS6 for video folks.

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