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Thermaltake launched A41 Chaser chassis

The design team at Thermaltake have at least 2 definite methodologies. One focuses on creating iconic masterpieces like the Level 10 chassis and the ‘M’ mouse. The other line of thinking is based around making plastic look aggressive and not cost too much. The A41 Chaser is in the second of these.

KitGuru ponders if anyone in the UK would have gone with A41 Chaser.

The A41 is, to those living in the UK, a neat stretch of road that links Marble Arch in central London with Birkenhead. For much of the journey, it turns into something like a motorway and is great fun in a fast car.

The drive down the A41 should never be mixed with a chaser. For those who are not of drinking age yet, we can tell you that a solid shot of whiskey – followed by gulps of beer – create the ‘Chaser‘ experience. It can affect memory.

But the bold chaps at Thermaltake have decided to challenge the idea that an A41 Chaser has anything to do with whiskey or traffic jams.

Instead, they have a brand new range of gamer-focused cases. In their own words, “Chaser A41 has continued the e-sports appearance and outstanding protection designs inspired by Tron that characterize originality. From the side look, the transparent windowed panel offers the best inner view for built system see through. Since gaming hardware produces a lot of heat, therefore this enclosure is built for maximum cool with a perforated front bezel with two 120 mm fans at front and rear plus a top exhausted 200mm fan with blue LED”.

Tron indeed. There you have it.

But what about cable management etc?

“Chaser series makes practicality more convincible. The series is geared with up two USB 3.0 Super Speed ports which are located on top panel for faster data transfer and easy access. Besides, Chaser A41 comes with an user friendly tray on top for any portable devices like mobile, mp3player, digital camera that users have lying around. The Advanced Cable Management is designed for easy cable routing and hiding cables behind motherboard tray, to ensure smoothness for build and tinker (upgrade), reduce wiring tangled, as well as better airflow and dust management”.

We’re always up for anything that makes life more convincible.

So when will the “Ultimate and impeccable hit” be with us?  Looks like it will be hands-on for CeBIT in March. As the chaps at Thermaltake say, “Chaser A41 enables user to build up a complete high-end solution with 240mm radiator liquid cooling system and extra long graphic card with ease which help to protect user’s hardware and increase CPU’s overclocking potential, most importantly delivers outstanding performance and efficiency from within the case”.

The options are black & white. With Tron-style blue trim. Also, here's a fully laden version they prepared earlier.

KitGuru says: This market is beyond competitive. Recent conversations with companies like Gelid have revealed $10-20 price cuts on chassis, just to try and catch a little more market share. The Tron theme looks cool enough, but we’d (generally) rather see a slightly higher price and some aluminium.

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