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Luxa2 unleashes the 40,000mAh P-MEGA

We all need juice. The more devices you have – the more juice you need. Against that need for juice, you need to balance price and portability. Luxa2 has created a gorgeous portable power station of a recharging device – but can its look overcome it s size? A 40,000mAh …

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Luxa2 doubles lifespan of iPhone 5

If you come from a Blackberry point of view, the idea of a smartphone with a sealed battery seems very silly, but manufacturers like Nokia and Apple work on the basis that your phone should be as slim/light as possible and locked in wherever it can be. Which might look …

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Thermaltake launched A41 Chaser chassis

The design team at Thermaltake have at least 2 definite methodologies. One focuses on creating iconic masterpieces like the Level 10 chassis and the ‘M’ mouse. The other line of thinking is based around making plastic look aggressive and not cost too much. The A41 Chaser is in the second …

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Thermaltake launches Versa G1 and G2 affordable chassis

When Thermaltake launched the Elements series a few years back, reaction was mixed. Knowing that the world economy was in a bad place, the company tried to be creative at the low end of the market, with mixed results. Ironically, with so little money in the market, it was the …

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Thermaltake launches Armor Revo Gene chassis

Taiwanese chassis manufacturer, Thermaltake, has today announced the launch of its new mainstream gaming chassis, the Armor Revo Gene. We’re not sure why it has 3 names, but we do have detailed specifications and photos which we’re happy to share with you. Will this new chassis tempt you to re-build …

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