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Send video to Tt eSports to win a personalised Level 10 mouse

Looking back over the past 5 years, few designs have stood out as much as the BMW Designworks Level 10 chassis created for Thermaltake. Although it was not followed up with a range of similarly creative designs, it's still a desirable product that shows that individuality is possible in a homogenised world. Now Tt eSports wants to put a little individuality in your hand.

Sonja Schiefer, Director Design at BMW Group Designworks, is very excited by the company's latest co-production with Thermaltake CEO and creator of Tt eSports, Kenny Lin.

The new mouse is just that. New. And KitGuru readers have a chance to win a personalised one – but uploading a cool video onto Thermaltake's Facebook page.

Your video will need to be original material, less than 90MB/60 seconds and be funny/innovative about a Tt eSports product. Simples.

Entries should be uploaded by 30th April and the winner will be the one with the most ‘Likes'. Your video will be showcased on Thermaltake's various sites so you will need to agree that it can be used royalty-free… Still, it's pretty good exposure for a budding film director/games enthusiast.

This is exactly the kind of product that Thermaltake designers were promising when they moved into their Google-style offices last year. Fingers crossed more zaniness will follow!

It already looks like nothing else - and that's BEFORE you've had your name embellished on the shell

KitGuru says:  We have a ton of ideas but (a) we're not allowed to enter and (b) we don't want to be jailed for offending  viewers. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enter!

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