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GTX680 used to crowbar in less desirable low end cards

Without doubt, the launch of the GTX680 has been exactly what nVidia fan bois would have wanted. It might swap the lead with high end Radeons in multi-card configurations, but as a single card, it’s quick. Very quick. KitGuru listens to channel rumours about meat dangling and other temptations.

Consumers may well think that when businesses buy from their suppliers, that it works in much the same way as buying normal products from a normal shot. For example a bottle of wine from supermarket.

No chance.

Imagine asking for a good bottle of wine and being told, “Sure, as long as you take 3 cases of house lager, 12 bottles of Château No-Hope and a crate of wonky bottle openers”.


Maybe – but this is how the channel operates when a desirable product hits town. And it’s supported by vendors like nVidia. No let off from AMD either, with the big-calibre-Radeons having demanded on more than one occasion in the past, that several lower spec cards accompany them on any delivery shipment.

One UK distributor had 10 of the ‘chickens teeth’ GTX680 cards arrive and immediately explained to its customers, “Order now, because when they are gone – they are gone. Oh. By the way. You’ll need to order some mainstream product as well”.

Not quite as rare as rocking horse pooh... but pretty close

KitGuru says: Sales of Château No-Hope look set to soar as the GTX680 continues to be in demand/low production volumes.

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