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Facebook paints a large QR code on its own roof

To celebrate moving into their new company headquarters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to hold a hackathon. As a result some employees took to the roof and painted a massive 42 foot wide QR code. After a night of hard work (and hoping they had got the dimensions right) they rigged a homemade quadcopter and a Canon digital camera to take a aerial picture of their art.

Go on, try it. I dare you.

In case you were wondering the picture leads you to fbco.de, which currently displays nothing except a coming soon message and a silhouette of a person in unique QR code styling. This rather plain domain also links to a Facebook page celebrating the QR code, but keep an eye out, Facebook is promising that “something cool” is in the works.

Kitguru says: Advertising on fields near airports, chasing after Google Street View vans, this much be the next leap for advertising on the cheap.

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