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Asus drops the price on GTX680 by £90

As we move to a world where all of the nVidia graphics cards are in the GTX700 series, more and more deals on end of life stock are appearing on the web. KitGuru scans places for electronics buyers for details.  When KitGuru had a look around 2GB Asus GTX680 Direct …

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Mars III invasion planned for Computex

While the rest of the world plus dog looks to nVidia’s schedule for delivering a pair of GTX670 chips on a single card under the name ‘690’, it seems that Jen Hsun will actually be salivating over something slightly different in Taiwan this year. KitGuru engages thrusters to maintain a …

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AMD preps price cuts as Two Tribes Go To War

It’s a weird world, no doubt. Against the backdrop of an overall market slump, Gartner turns around and says that shipments of desktop PCs have just jumped almost 2% – to the surprise of just about everyone. At the same time, it’s a competitive world and just because ‘more of …

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GTX680 used to crowbar in less desirable low end cards

Without doubt, the launch of the GTX680 has been exactly what nVidia fan bois would have wanted. It might swap the lead with high end Radeons in multi-card configurations, but as a single card, it’s quick. Very quick. KitGuru listens to channel rumours about meat dangling and other temptations. Consumers …

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