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Mars III invasion planned for Computex

While the rest of the world plus dog looks to nVidia’s schedule for delivering a pair of GTX670 chips on a single card under the name ‘690’, it seems that Jen Hsun will actually be salivating over something slightly different in Taiwan this year. KitGuru engages thrusters to maintain a geo-stationary orbit above the Red Planet and looks for signs of water you mean a new card is coming?

Chicken mayo, chilli fries and hamburger relish are all natural partnerships. Things that go together with little or no effort. But have you ever tried serving guests bacon ice cream or salt beef milkshake?  No so natural.

Then we have the things that come together in a spectacular fashion, but only when everything is ‘just so’. Nuclear fusion is a good example and the same goes for deep fried Mars bars.

On the subject of Mars bars, we’re hearing that the world record for the fastest single card WON’T be held by a GTX 690 card when Computex kicks off in Taipei at the start of June. We’re actually hearing that the pairing of GTX670 chips will be surpassed by the massive engineering effort of combining a pair of full-blown GTX680 chips under a single cooling solution.

KitGuru’s sauces near the Computex exhibition halls have been getting eyes-on the layout plans for various stands/builds at the show and Mars III looks set to have a special spot set aside.

Entering the Red Planet's atmosphere, green blooded Jen Hsun takes no chances as he prepares to help combine two GTX680s

KitGuru says: Given that Rory Reid and Jen Hsun Huang don’t spend as much time as they might like, toasting marshmallows by the camp fire, it’s unlikely that either camp will know exactly what they’ll need to achieve with the dual-GPU shoot outs in order to win. One thing we’re sure of, is that the fastest card at the show is likely to have an Asus sticker on the box.

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