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Scan slashes pricing on the Radeon HD 7990

In the springtime of 2013 when AMD launched ‘Malta’, the Radeon HD 7990 was the fastest graphics card in the world and weighed in at a whopping £800. Now as the year draws to a close and there have been a spate of new launches, what is the current situation?  …

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Aria taking orders for world’s fastest graphics card

From the KitGuru Labs extensive testing, one thing about the Radeon HD 7990 was blindingly clear – it is the fastest card ever made. Now the dust has settled over the initial results, it’s time for those with huge pockets and a serious addiction to high-tech to begin the acquisitions …

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Mars III invasion planned for Computex

While the rest of the world plus dog looks to nVidia’s schedule for delivering a pair of GTX670 chips on a single card under the name ‘690’, it seems that Jen Hsun will actually be salivating over something slightly different in Taiwan this year. KitGuru engages thrusters to maintain a …

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