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Aria taking orders for world’s fastest graphics card

From the KitGuru Labs extensive testing, one thing about the Radeon HD 7990 was blindingly clear – it is the fastest card ever made. Now the dust has settled over the initial results, it’s time for those with huge pockets and a serious addiction to high-tech to begin the acquisitions process. Here’s the real world price and availability story from Aria.

Up to this point, any pricing given for the Radeon HD 7990 ‘Malta’ was reliant on some currency fluctuations and local taxes etc.

Check out this link to Aria’s Facebook page and you’ll find a story telling you that the price has been set and orders can be placed.

World’s fastest card, compete with 8 free games?  Shirley you want to know the cost?



KitGuru says: The value judgement on a card like this will always be skewed. It’s a bit like looking at supercars on Top gear – few will buy, but we all want to let our imaginations fly.

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